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[Jiuhua Mountain Buddhist Association] was formally established in 1913 and named "Qingyang County Buddhist Branch". The meeting place is located in Nanquan Temple, which is the Shuifu Temple in Qingyang County. This repair is the first president. In 1914, it was renamed the "Jiuhuashan Buddhist Association in Qingyang County" and "is the headquarters of the mountain and is organized by Congyu, which is similar in nature to local autonomy" (Jianhua Guide of the Republic of China by Jiang Xiaowei). The venue was relocated to Jiuhuashan Huacheng Temple. This revision was made by the president from 1914 to 1921. From 1924 to 1928, it was renamed "Jiuhuashan Branch of the Buddhist Association of Anhui Province", and its chairman Wen Jinghe Xinjian; later chairman Ye Zhou (unknown life). Jiuhuashan Buddhist Federation was established in 1929, and its chairman Bao Yan. In 1932, the "Jiuhua Mountain Buddhist Church" was restored, and a standing committee system was established. The chairman Rong ... [more details]
Words of Master Huiqing: Huiqing, Law number: Shengping, Common name: Fang Zhiping, male, born on June 21, 1958, Han nationality, native of Lujiang County, Anhui Province. College degree, currently serving as the Standing Committee of the Eleventh Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference of Anhui Province, Deputy Director of the Ethnic and Religious Committee, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Buddhist Association and Deputy Director of the Rights Protection Committee, First Deputy Chairman of the Anhui Buddhist Association, Chairman of the Jiuhuashan Buddhist Association Hundred-year-old abbot. From January 1975 to June 1979, worked in the transportation department of Lujiang County Water Transport Company in Anhui Province. In October 1979, he converted to Mingjiao in Hefei ... [more details]


Jiuhua Mountain 99 meters open-air bronze dome of Jizo Buddha
  • 崔京赵晓蓉 1万元 [Beijing] Cui Jing Zhao Xiaorong 10,000 yuan
  • 李豹李捃 1万元 [] 李 豹 李 捃 10,000 yuan
  • 段吉祥 666元 [Gansu Lanzhou] Duan Jixiang 666 yuan
  • 张昊越 3000元 [Xiamen, Fujian] Zhang Haoyue 3000 yuan
  • 夏新发 1万元 [] Xia Xinfa 10,000 yuan
  • 杨婧雯 1万元 [Henan] Yang Jingwen 10,000 yuan
  • 无相法师 1万元 [Jiangsu] Wuxiang Master 10,000 yuan
  • 牟植 2万元 [Shanghai] 20,000 yuan
  • 台湾佛教会 5万元 [Taiwan] Taiwan Buddhist Association 50,000 yuan
  • 郭小东 1万元 [Guangdong] Guo Xiaodong 10,000 yuan
  • 候筱华 2万元 [Guangdong] Hou Xiaohua 20,000 yuan



The story of Ginjizo

Jin Qiaojue (696-794), a Silla monk, commonly known as the Golden Land, is a Jin family of the King of the ancient Silla Kingdom (now southeast of the Korean Peninsula). It is said that Jin Qiaojue came to study in the Tang Dynasty in his early years. Here ... [View details]


放生护生 More> Release Nursing

Good deeds are released ...

Those who want to give birth to another country should cultivate the three blessings: one filializes his parents, serves the teacher, does not kill with compassion, and cultivates ten good deeds. Both are held three times, ...

学佛入门 More> Learning Buddha

Origins of Sixth Ramadan

The reason why the Buddha established the eight-day fast on the sixth fast day of each month, we have already said before, but why the eight-day fast is adopted ...

九华文物 More> Jiuhua Cultural Relics

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